Proven business model


Whether our customers need small single loans or relatively large revolving credit lines – we have a suitable product for them.

To achieve a responsible and profitable relationship with our customers, a proper credit risk assessment is essential. Our goal is to get as clear a picture as possible of the potential customer’s financial situation, financial behavior, and capability for repayment of the chosen credit product.

Blue Finance’s marketing efforts are built based on using the right channels to find the right customers. In addition to our digital baseline marketing channels, our marketing strategy is built on modules of profit-proven cyclical channels, remarketing, and other viable forms of effective marketing.

International expansion


Organic growth for a local company usually comes through geographical expansion. Blue Finance Group is not different, we have achieved great success in our home market Finland, and in early 2018 it was clear that the natural way for continuous growth is best achieved through geographical expansion to other business-friendly European countries.

Internationalization of Blue Finance is protecting the company from local pressure on regulatory changes. If a market situation in one country changes drastically – Blue Finance Group is better equipped to handle the turbulence as a multinational corporation.

Monthly cumulative growth of loan receivables


*The figures for 2018–2020 are for Blue Finance Oy (Ltd) and for 2021 onwards for Blue Finance Group.

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