Blue Finance was incorporated in 2011


For several years, the Blue Finance Group has been laying the groundwork for rapid growth. Market changes in 2013 determined Blue Finance’s direction to success. Since 2013, the company has been experiencing a period of rapid growth, with doubling of turnover almost every year, client flows multiplied and staffing from a few office workers to more than 40 employees – from a local player to an international organization.

Operating principles


Blue Finance strives for diversity, responsibility, and innovation in the finance industry. We promote responsible lending and apply the local law to our terms and conditions, measuring the solvency of borrowers at the time of the application. Each of our employees is specialists in their field which ensures terrific expertise in both management and ability to execute daily tasks. We operate in numerous countries to make sure we can offer our services to as many people as possible around Europe. Our offices in Finland, Denmark, and Spain work together seamlessly to achieve our mutual goal of loaning responsibly and effortlessly. Communication between units and management is implemented effectively and creatively. A straightforward way of communicating ensures that each employee is included in decision making and that everyone involved is being heard and respected inside the workplace.

Technical focus


Our goal is to make innovational technical solutions that are easy to use to our customers and easy to operate within the business. Our Finnish in-house IT department manages all the technical issues of every country we operate in with great success, making sure that our business runs smoothly in the modern digital environment. With cutting edge technical conclusions, we make sure that our operations are resilient in the always-changing digital platforms, making sure we grow with the industry. The future for the company and the shareholders looks worthwhile as our business profit increases annually. We plan to extend our services around the world to ensure our seat as the market leader in short term financing and to confirm excellent service for our existing customers.

Blue Finance Group as a workplace

Open vacancies:

Our open vacancies are posted on LinkedIn and various recruitment sites. You can find information about our vacancies from our News page.

If you wish to send an open application, we would love to hear from you. Please send your application to recruitment (at)

As a modern employer, Blue Finance strives for equal, innovative and advanced workplace environment, and atmosphere. Each employee is treated equivalently and with respect. Their individuality and expertise in their respected fields are not only taken into account but also celebrated. Our modern office filled with the latest technologies is located in the heart of Turku in a building that has an important history in the city’s architecture, which makes commuting and daily work life interesting. The equipment in the office is updated frequently and fit our needs to make loan offers seamless. The technologies we use in our operating systems are cutting edge and praised by our partners. Blue Finance takes care of its employees. We provide opportunities for physical activities outside work time to ensure a healthy lifestyle within our company. Employees are granted a complete health care plan under the company name in the moment of sickness or an accident during work hours. The staff is treated with healthy and delicious lunches regularly, and the office is located around the best restaurants in the country to ensure tasty food experiences every day. The waging is fair and rewarding, making sure the hard-working people of Blue Finance Group are being compensated well for the time they put in to make the company a leading player in the finance market.

Team spirit is very important to the employees and it’s tended with celebrations of the most important holidays around the year, such as Christmas and Eastern. The goal is to make working for Blue Finance a pride and a privilege, and in that, we have succeeded with our continuing efforts to make the workplace better for everyone. in line with ours.