The new country manager of Blue Finance, Petra Mengelt turns her back on stiff processes

Fintech company Blue Finance has named a new country manager. Petra Mengelt, who previously held Mash-Group Head B2B position, takes the reins. Mengelt, who started her career in the United States in the aerospace industry is vastly experienced in management positions and promises reforms, whilst maintaining the good work of the company to date.

Despite her global network, Mengelt has her focus firmly on the development of Finnish operations.
-We cannot succeed alone. Networking has always been close to my heart and the importance of it becomes apparent as the competitions grow. I see tough competition as a possibility, Mengelt says.

-The company is growing, but I want to nurture the startup-spirit, and keep the corporate-like approach as far from us as possible. We have a great team, into which I want to instill a vision of a pleasant working day, during which much is achieved and lots of work gets done. It is only when we are motivated, that we are able to stand out from the masses, and generate the best ideas that can be refined for the benefit of the customer and the shareholder, Mengelt describes her vision.

-And we do want to be a part of the every-day life of the Finns and make the cooperation with our customers smooth and simple. Technology must be the last thing our customer has to think about, that is a challenge for our developers to handle, Mengelt states.

Mengelt resonates with passion on customer interaction and user experience, both of which are meant to be developed with the help of data. The importance of data and the understanding of it were instilled into Mengelt at the beginning of the millennium, as Mengelt was working in Seattle. Currently Mengelt is working on improving one of her favorite subjects, customer experience.

-The timing is excellent. Based on the customer feedback we have gathered, we are currently developing a customer interface where the customer themself is at the center. We use automation and robotics to our advantage in routines and now customer service has time to develop its operations.

Digitalization makes it possible to react immediately.

-We have the possibility to create a positive feeling, to convince, influence and commit, Mengelt states, and adds that it is also the right of every customer. When we can internalize the objectives of a customer, recognize the current and future needs, we are able to create something new – which the Finns already know how to demand of us. I am not afraid to reject the old, fail fast, or correct your mistakes immediately. This is still one of my favorite mottos, Mengelt states.

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