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Blue Finance Group is a key player in the European lending market.

Within nine years of operation, Blue Finance Group has built a comprehensive lending portfolio, solid turnover growth, and a great workplace in Finland and has started to expand operations outside its borders.

At this point – Blue Finance Group is operating with three separate brands, as Blue Finance in Finland, as KreditNu in Denmark and as Nexu in Spain.

Satisfied customer and mutual understanding are the keys to a great customer relationship

Our rapid growth has been possible due to our company attracting an active investor pool.

Turnover in euros

Financial growth

Blue Finance Group is experiencing fast turnover growth.


International expansion has started by opening lending operations in two new countries this year.

Our global brands

Finland – the market leader in consumer finance.

Blue Finance was founded in 2011. Since then, we have managed to serve over 100,000 customers with our variety of consumer credit products. Blue Finance Finland is one of the leading brands in consumer finance in Finland.

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Denmark was the first country to be launched in the ambitions for Blue Finance to becoming an international Fintech player. After months of hard working and planning, the launch of our Danish brand, KreditNU.dk, was a reality in April 2019.

Like the parent company, KreditNU is striving to be a responsible and trustworthy company. In every credit decision, we do, we carry out an investigative and in-depth creditworthiness assessment which ensures that the consumer has the financial capability to fulfill their obligations towards the credit agreement.

The Danish consumers have welcomed KreditNU and we have after just 6 month already achieved a significant position in the Danish market.


As part of our international expansion, Spain will become a strategic market in building an operational platform. Our horizontal Scandinavian culture is characterised collaborative, creative and entrepreneurial. In Blue Finance and in Nexu – we believe in delegation, we encourage ownership and pride ourselves in placing employees first.

Responsible lending

We seek to reduce over-indebtedness by developing our customer-specific risk analysis tools and by emphasizing the importance of reading the credit agreements carefully. Our operations are honest and fully transparent, and our marketing does not mislead customers. We inform our customers about any breaks and problems that may arise from our service, always in a timely and truthful manner…

Corporate governance

We recognize that we are somewhat unique private company due to our large number of shareholders (3500 shareholders in October 2019), and as such have undertaken to adopt some of the corporate governance principles more common with public or listed companies…

People and community

The success of Blue Finance’s people management is based on diverse employee structure and keeping employees motivated. In our communications, we emphasize the importance of careful reading of loan agreement so that the customer understands what he or she is about to agree on…

Our corporate responsibility strategy is built on six pillars:

People, community, responsible lending, ethics, environmental management, and corporate governance.

These pillars are essential for good business practices and maintaining a positive reputation.

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